Whuffle (whuffle) wrote in techno_fandom,

The Rubber Duckies Return to Arisia!

Some of you may remeber that 2 years ago, I ran a non-event; the open scavenger hunt for rubber duckies at Arisia. I personally purchased 100 duckies and decorating supplies. There were many wonderful folk who helped me decorate and hide the duckies. Last year, I was unable to attend Arisia, so there were no duckies. I was informed that there were quite a few disappointed children and adults that were wondering where the duckies went.

Well, this year, I am pleased to announce the Return of the Arisia Ducky Hunt

This year, I'd like to offer a limited number of special prizes for those who check in the duckies with the winning secret number. The prizes will be fantasy & historically themed action figures and tin wind up toys. The cost for said toys is $5.00 per toy. So, this time, I'd like to see if I can collect some donations to help offset the cost for this fun and entertaining event.

If you are interested in helping in the execution if the ducky scavenger hunt or would be willing to donate a small ammount to the cost of this event, please contact me.
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