Sr. Hand Grenade of Reasoned Discussion (bridgetminerva) wrote in techno_fandom,
Sr. Hand Grenade of Reasoned Discussion


TF is 15 years old. Anniversary shirts anyone?

If there is enough interest it can be done. Please mail Siggy's wife. (if you don't know who she, is you'll figure it out. )
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I've been in techno fandom for half my life this Arisia.
I don't have the necessary email, but I do have an idea. Chatted with Dale about it a little on load-out day. Ok if when the time comes I just stick a scan of the drawing on my server and send a link to tf?
of the possible drawing, that is. I wanted to submit an entry as a possible design. I'm still fuzzy-headed this morning.

I'm only half done, but I've already titled the entry