Melopoeia, Metoikos (melopoeia) wrote in techno_fandom,
Melopoeia, Metoikos

Steady tech job, Boston area

Job Detail

Performing Arts

Technical Supervisor

Description: Supervise the theatre performance and production spaces in Tufte PPC; maintain and operate the lighting, rigging and staging systems of the Semel and Greene Theatres; assist in the maintenance and operation of the sound systems; support the artistic and technical needs of Emerson Stage, department faculty, staff and students; supervise and train student technicians; and provide technical support for all non-department users of the Semel and Greene theatres. BA/BFA in technical theatre or equivalent professional experience. 3-5 years experience working in professional lighting and as a stage technician. Experience managing multiple spaces and managing budgets. Familiarity with ETC WYSIWYG, Obsession II, TECNet2, and Unison lighting systems (a plus), Richmond Audio Box, Sound Web, ProTools and Sound Forge sound systems (desirable). Knowledge of theatrical rigging and State and Federal regulations with regard to safety and fire codes. Previous experience in an academic setting desirable. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Evening and weekend work required

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